Rapids Volunteer Fire Company

Project Goal: Rapids Volunteer Fire Company needed to raise funds to purchase two new defibrillators for their ambulances.

The Challenge: Increase campaign ROI from their previous efforts.

Summit MSP’s Role: Produce a new campaign letter with a bold design and persuasive message, add variable data printing to the letter and reply card for tracking capabilities and incorporate cross-media strategies with a 30 second radio advertisement to maximize campaign effectiveness.

Results: Increase campaign ROI by 300% and raised enough money to purchase 2 new defibrillators.

Testimonial: I’ve been working with Summit MSP for over five years and have always been impressed by their commitment to quality and personal attention to each customer. I value their continuing advancement in printing technology and their “design to print” process makes working with them simple and cost effective. Professional, reasonably priced, quality work, quick turnaround, flexible - What can I say? If you’re not doing business with this company, you should be!

Andrew Doyle - President, Rapids Volunteer Fire Company