Historic Palace Theatre

Project Goal: Raise $90,000 to ensure the Theatre’s future, and to continue making the improvements the Theatre genuinely needs. 

The Challenge: Reach the Lockport Community through a direct mail campaign. Turnaround time was critical. 

Summit MSP’s Role: Quickly provide marketing analytics, variable data printing, and mailing services with to obtain maximum ROI for the Palace Theatre. 

Results: 839% Return on Investment 

Testimonial: The Palace Theatre only has one full-time employee so being able to work with a company like Summit MSP is a huge reward because they provide all services under one roof. I don’t have large amounts of time to manage mailings so it makes life easy when I can call Cookie, send her the artwork, and know the job will be completed on time and in a professional manner.  

Chris Parada - Executive Director, Historic Palace Theatre

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