Our Core Values at Summit MSP

Some basic beliefs about our business at Summit MSP are important to us. They let our customers know what we are all about.

1. WHY, A purpose cause or belief.

So that small businesses, non-profits and professional services can have access to the same marketing strategies and technologies as fortune 500 companies.

2. Mission Statement, Is a description of a route that defines the organization's purpose and primary objective.

So that our clients will have a single source for: creative marketing strategies (solutions), up-to-date manufacturing technologies and the most efficient fulfillment and distribution systems available, thus they will receive superior valve for their Print /Market / Web / Display / Promo investment.

3. Vision Statement, Is the public statement of the founder’s intent - WHY the company exists.

To be the best Marketing Service Provider in the industry!

4. Brand Promise, Often called a value added proposition or differentiator (It’s important that it is measurable. It’s from this measurable promise that all other decisions drive. Ex FedEx’s 10 a.m. delivery promise or Sprints pin point clarity.

The best ROI for your marketing investment.

5. Core Values

  • Make them Smile
    Our organization exists to put smiles on the face of those customers who believe in what we do!

  • Follow the Zen Way
    Embrace change it eliminates stress and creates the opportunity for breakthrough and is the only way to win.

  • Listen First
    Learning occurs when you listen. Enough said.

  • Synergy
    Work as a team to produce results not obtainable as individuals.

  • Always Do the Right Thing
    This is the only way to establish client loyalty and to build relationships that are based on Confidence and Trust.

  • Prosper
    Profit is not a dirty word, this business exist to enhance the quality of life of the stake holders. Likewise, employees, vendors and the community should share in our success.